What not to do with WordPress?

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"There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance."

Gautam Budhha

Belfast held its inaugural WordCamp on the 1st-2nd October 2016 and I was proud to have been chosen as one of the speakers.

What not to do with WordPress?

A lot of experts out there have WordPress training courses, a lot of developers will tell you how cool our beloved CMS is and all of it is true but with the simplicity and the ease of use of WordPress, there are a few pitfalls.

Only today I had a discussion with a client who understood the value of talking to an expert instead of doing it yourself because, to use their words,

“It all looked so easy!”

Small business owners and WordPress

A lot of business owners will fall into the trap of doing it themselves and believe me a small number of people can indeed do everything and to them I say, “Well Done!”. To the rest I say, it is ok to ask for help!

As with a lot of other things, when a tool makes it look easy, it becomes easy to think that we can go outside our core skills and simply do it all. That is when we start spending valuable time away from our businesses and the core activities.

Freelancers, small web design houses and WordPress

On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of new agencies and developers tackle similar issues when working with WordPress. Well they are similar in the sense that WordPress makes them strive for something that does not get paid for.

What not to do with WordPress

So enter, my topic of choice, What not to do with WordPress? I borrowed heavily from my 10+ years of experience to put together a list of common pitfalls that people encounter that mean that they end up wasting time on non-core business activities.

In conclusion, #WNTDWWP is all about us sharing our experiences and growing together. So if you have any WordPress related stories, do share them with the rest of the community and use the Hashtag!

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