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Website management plans designed for your peace of mind


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Website Management Plans

All this for just €150 + VAT per month

Initial setup fees of €99

Our website management plans are designed to give you peace of mind. They include regular updates, functionality checks, security checks, daily backups and uptime monitoring among other things. Also, you get access to a preferential day rate to rectify any issues found during the regular maintenance.

Our website management plans include:

  1. Staging Website to test all updates
  2. Daily website backups
  3. WordPress, theme and plugin updates (once a month)
  4. Website security check
  5. Speed performance checks
  6. Broken links check to help with your SEO
  7. Uptime monitoring
  8. Monthly activity report

A self-designed Starter Website

Only €47.49 per month ( inc. VAT )

We have a simple 3-step process towards your new website.

Step 1: Select one of the templates below for your new starter website.

Template 1: One Pager
Template 2: Standard 4-Page
Template 3: Modern Full-Width

Step 2: Fill out the registration form below with details of your business, the domain name ( URL ) you would like and the selected template for your new website.

Step 3: Complete the single easy annual payment of €569.88 for your new website.

Benefits of our website management plans

  1. Complete peace of mind
  2. Uninterrupted website uptime
  3. Data security with backups
  4. Website security and login protection
  5. Regular updates

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    There are a few (not too many) Terms & Conditions

    1. The website design service is quoted for on a per-client basis as every business, every website is unique.
    2. Our process includes time for research and testing. This is essential to make sure that your clients don’t see a broken website.
    3. Usually, we don’t include copywriting in our quotes but if you need assistance with writing copy for your website, let us know in the contact form and we can recommend someone for you to work with.
    4. Don’t forget to check out our Website Management Service to have complete peace of mind when it comes to your site.
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