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When the owner of first approached Xava, his direction was clear. He wanted to develop a brand that would become synonymous with the following:

  1. Simplify the tyre buying process.
  2. Simple and easy to navigate website
  3. No frills to convey the message that the value behind the brand was the attractive pricing
  4. Above all – simplify the process for all kinds of people buying tyres.

The concept was simple and the challenge was clear

Create a website for the customer that makes it simple for them to buy tyres for their vehicles which would be the direct driver for sales on the website.

Defining the Website Design

We defined the main drivers of the website deisgn as value and simplicity. In the owners mind tyre buying in Ireland is complicated. The people who are looking for tyres should read the size they require, visit his website, order and pay and then turn up at the appointed garage for tyre fitting etc. This is aimed at taking the confusion out of the process. The message was clear

Search → Buy → Fit

Website Design Process

With the constraints for the website design defined, we set about creating a design that conveyed the simplicity to the customer. The site is mainly structured around the multi-level search where people can look for the tyres they require by the tyre size.

The Homepage Homepage

Click image to enlrage

The homepage is simplicity personified. There is no clutter – visual or otherwise. The message of excellent value to the customer is delivered through the simplicity of the process.

We dont want you to have to go through lots of text or images to find what you need – Simply Search

The Search Results search results page

From the homepage, the customer searches for the tyres they require and are directed to the search results. The customer can directly purchase the required quantity of the tyre for their vehicle. The add to cart button actually takes the customer directly to the checkout page as tyres are an item that are bought as a single purchase. People buying tyres for multiple vehicles or in multiple different sizes is rare and therefore, the add to cart button redirects the customer to the checkout page.

The supporting pages include tyre information and a contact page. The premise of the website design for this Xava customer is built around the clear message

Simplify the tyre buying process for my customers

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