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Why do I need to move?

Google is shutting down the much-loved Universal Analytics on the 1st of July 2023. Therefore, if you are still using UA after this date, you will

  • NOT be able to collect new data in your Universal Analytics properties.
  • BE able to access your previously processed data in your Universal Analytics property for at least six months.


What is the replacement?

Google Analytics 4

GA4 is the brand shiny new Analytics replacement tool but unfortunately, as it is new, it is completely incompatible and separate from UA. So you have to move!

Google are doing this to move to a more event focussed tracking system that does not rely as heavily on cookies. So in theory, it makes tracking events on your site much much easier than it ever was in UA.


How can we help?

We have a very simple plan to help you move from UA -> GA. We will take care of the logistics of the move and help you replicate the events on your new GA4-enabled site. As a part of this package, we will provide the following:

  1. Setup a GA4 property for your website
  2. Setup a Google Tag manager container for your website (read more on why you should use Tag Manager)
  3. Migrate your goals from UA to GA4
  4. Setup 2 KPIs from a choice of Form fills, Calls to action clicks, scroll depth, YouTube video play and stats tracking
  5. Create a reporting dashboard for your GA4 to show KPIs and major indicators of traffic to your site
  6. Test the integration


How much does it all cost?

  • Early
    • Till 28th February 2023
  • Better late
    than never
    • 1st March 2023 - 30th April 2023
  • Late
    • 1st May 2023  onwards
  • Still
    • FREE consultation

Some small T&Cs

  1. This service is jointly provided by Xava and Blue Digital. Either one of the 2 providers may get in touch with you about setting up your GA4.

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