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Understanding Your Brand – Understanding Yourself

A brand is developed over time because it includes the public perception but it starts from within you as an entrepreneur, as an individual. Each and every one of us is a walking, talking brand. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Brand – The Reason For Being, every one is a unique brand. Our personal brand affects how people interact with us.

As a business, your brand affects why people buy from you over your competitor. So your business brand is a cum total of all your assets including:

  • You
  • Your personality
  • Your reasons for being in business
  • Your way of dealing with situations

For a small business, you are the most important asset and you define the culture behind the brand, the work ethic and the ethos. And when you business expands and you hire employees, the brand, in turn, defines your corporate culture for your employees to understand and follow. If you don’t think it is important:

  • Do you buy the same soft drink?
  • Do you buy the same detergent for your clothes?

The answer to those is the brand behind the product for reasons such as

  • Quality of the product
  • Image of the brand – social or corporate
  • Emotional reasons – because your parents always bought that one

Branding is key to starting your business on a strong footing!

Brand Analysis – Mills Design & Tyrebroker

As a case study, take a look at

I would love to know your thoughts on what you think of the brand by just taking a look at the homepage of the website? This is an example of how branding affects your perception of a business by just taking a look at a small business asset such as the website. What are your initial thoughts on the 2 brands after taking a first look at the website?

[formidable id=6]

In a few weeks, I will collate all the responses and give my own thoughts on the brand.

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