If you are looking to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme with your local LEO

The XAVA TOVS Plan is for you.

A self-designed Starter Website

Only €80.50 per month ( inc. 21% VAT )

We have a simple 3-step process towards your new website.

Step 1: Select one of the templates below for your new starter website.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form below with details of your business, the domain name ( URL ) you would like and the selected template for your new website.

Step 3: Complete the single easy annual payment of €799 (excluding VAT) for your new website.

What is included in
The Xava TOVS

  1. Starter website, more details on https://xava.ie/the-starter/ (valued at €799 ex VAT)
  2. Access to our online website planning tool at https://xava.ie/creative-briefing
  3. Site uptime monitoring – ensuring that your website is operational all the time (valued at €49 ex VAT)
  4. Weekly website backups stored in our secure document vault (valued at €99 ex VAT)
  5. Site load up speed optimization
  6. 3 months of SEO to get you started with search engine rankings (valued at €399 ex VAT per month)
  7. 3 hours of planning consultation included (valued at €125 ex VAT per hour)
  8. Monitored email support via our support ticketing system at https://support.xava.ie
  9. Planned or Emergency Onsite assistance (extra costs apply)
  10. Special hourly rate of €55 + VAT for other development and design work on the website

Please make sure that you have read the Terms & Conditions for The Starter Package

Benefits of
The Xava TOVS

  1. An effective online presence for your new business
  2. A modern and responsive website (tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop compatible).
  3. Peace of mind.
  4. 1 month turnaround time to your new website (once we have all the content).
  5. SEO for enhanced search rankings.
  6. Priority support using our ticketing system at https://support.xava.ie.
  7. Expert advice.
  8. Single point of contact

Please make sure that you have read the Terms & Conditions for The Starter Package


[zohoForms src=https://forms.zohopublic.com/xavaireland/form/ClientDetails1/formperma/-w6tARMN-PhnDs32GxlKKoIwRn3CgwHpitxEDPVRdMw width=100% height=600px urlparams=”utc_campaign=tovs-starter” type=js autoheight=true/]

There are a few
(not too many)
Terms & Conditions

  1. The Starter plan is priced at €799 per year including 23% VAT. The minimum term for the package is 1 year.
  2. Work on your new website will not start until all the visual and text content has been supplied to Xava.
  3. We will send you an email to confirm receipt of your application.
    1. We will ask for any extra information that we may need from you.
    2. The intended date of launch of your new website needs to be a minimum of 4 weeks from date of application. If you want to have your website sooner than the 4-week period, there will be an extra charge of €150 + 23% VAT to expedite the design process.
  4. To create a base brand identity for your new business website, we will use the existing colours from your logo.
  5. Phone support is an added extra and chargeable at €35 + VAT per month.
  6. The TOVS Starter package includes to set up Year 1 Hosting Package and Domain registration with Sitegournd. For hosting prices, please visit, https://www.siteground.com/go/xava-hosting.
  7. The site is intended to get your business trading online and includes support for booking calendar setup or up to 5products. All extra products are added as an add-on chargeable at €40 + VAT per hour (approx. 3 products per hour).
  8. You are responsible for providing ALL of the content for the website including images, text and logo files.
  9. The Starter pack is limited to you selecting 1 option from the 3 templates above. Any customisations to the standard layout options will be priced separately.
    1. The required customisations are to be emailed to support@xavasupport.zohodesk.com with your user login information and we will respond with a quotation for the works on a case by case basis.
    2. The customisations are charged at €65 + 23% VAT per hour or part thereof.
    3. If the amount of work exceeds 8 hours, the customisations will be charged at €480 + 23% VAT per day or part thereof.
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