The W A V E

A single package to launch your online business from €8750*


Website Design & Development

from €8750*

As an expert in your field, you need to connect with your target audience and convince them that you have the required know-how to showcase how you can help your clients.

We can work with you to deliver an aesthetically but also emotionally pleasing website for your business. We have created a package with very specific deliverables that will suit your business. We also have an add-on selection that will help you reach more prospects whose future you will be able to secure.

If you are starting a new business or you are taking your business to the next level, a professionally designed and managed website will allow you to make connections with your target customers and engage them visually. You can then use your sales techniques to convert these new connections into paying customers.

A good website should satisfy the following for your business:

  1. have a visually engaging homepage
  2. have a user-friendly site navigation structure
  3. meet your customer expectations both visually and in terms of the type of content they expect from your business.
  4. provide easy to find calls to action
  5. social proof of your claims using customer testimonials

Digital Advertising

For a new website to reach 1000s of people is an exercise that takes time. Unless you are a well-known brand or have an extremely unique offering, it is going to take a long time for people to find you on the internet. This is where you can unleash the power of Google Advertising to reach your target customer extremely quickly through the Google Advertising network.

However, digital advertising can cost you a lot of money if the campaign is not setup or managed properly. This is exactly what our partner at Blue Digital excel at.

Our partner will assist you all the way and will liaise with Xava to add the relevant tracking codes to your website. This provides you with a seamless service that allows you to focus on the leads that will come in from the advertising campaign.


Video explainers

Promo videos or Animated Explainer Videos are a key component of communicating your offerings to your customers. Our video partners, Social Video HQ, specialise in helping you tell your story via video.

Social Video HQ specialise in animations as well as being experts in developing promo videos and training their clients to speak on camera. They carry out all aspects of the video production process from an initial interview and
storyboarding to voiceovers etc.

Furthermore, the video created can be spliced into 4 short 15-second segments for use on social media or for video advertising on YouTube. Whichever video product you choose they have the expertise and experience to deliver excellent, engaging content.

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More Information

The name of this exciting new offering is built of 4 components:

  1. W for Web or website.
  2. A for Advertising (digital advertising only)
  3. V for Video
  4. E for Energised

The first 3 are self-explanatory but we believe that by providing 3 services in one single package from a group of companies who specialise in their respective fields, we can help you and your business gain a vital advantage over your competitors in reaching your intended target audiences.

The benefits include:

  1. Professional and engaging website
  2. Instant connection between your target audience and your brand via video
  3. Instant ability to reach 1000s of people via Google Ads
  4. Instant increase in incoming leads for your business

Website Design & Development

The WAVE package is priced at €8750, which includes a €2000 advertising spend on Google. You will directly pay this advertising budget to Google. Investing in this level of ad spend is crucial for maximizing conversions and ensuring your business achieves rapid visibility among a large audience. It offers an outstanding return on investment (RoI) for your Google Ads campaign, driving valuable conversions and business growth.

Payment terms for The WAVE

  1. 50% (of €6750) non-refundable booking fees to kick start your WAVE project.
  2. Add your credit card to the Google Ads platform for direct payments.
  3. 50% final payment upon final delivery of the website and video.


By choosing the WAVE package, you benefit from a range of advantages that boost conversions, including:

  • A professional and engaging website.
  • Instant brand recognition on Google.
  • Immediate engagement with potential clients through your ads.
  • Access to our dedicated team for assistance with any issues or technical difficulties.

Optional Add-ons

  1. Annual website management plans starting from €75 + VAT per month. Read more here
  2. GDPR Compliant policies

Get in touch about The WAVE

GDPR Compliant Website Policies

Starting at €349 + VAT

Data protection should be at the heart of our online businesses. We are responsible for any data that we may or may not collect. Our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions need to address all aspects of GDPR compliance. Copying these policies from a generic template or from another business does not work because your processes, ways of handling data, and ways of storing said data may be completely different.

Let us take the headache out of it. Our partner, Eileen Ireland, will handhold you through the process, ask you some simple questions and give you all these policies in return.

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