WordPress Basics Training

Introduction to

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System or CMS. It allows us to create and manage websites with ease. This training is intended as a customised module to allow Tenni 4 Kids to manage their website after the handover. In this section we will cover the following items:

  • WordPress Walkthrough
  • Adding a new blog post including categorisation, featured image and SEO tags
  • WooCommerce Walkthrough
  • Adding a new Variable product

Access to the
training materials

This training module is custom designed for you. You can access it using the details below

URL: https://xava.ietennis-4-kids-training-manual

Username: tennis4kids

Password: already emailed to you

WordPress Walkthrough

This section covers the following areas:

  • A brief introduction to logging in to the WP dashboard
  • An quick overview of important areas of the website

WordPress Walkthrough

Exercise 1

Login to the website

T4K Blog

The blog section on the Tennis 4 Kids site has 7 or 8 articles in it. However, we feel that you are not using all the features of the blogging platform, WordPress. The next video shows you how to:

  1. Add a new blog post
  2. Add a featured image
  3. Add SEO tags into your blog articles
  4. Using heading tags in your article for better SEO
  5. Adding images to the article
  6. Reviewing the article to improve readability
  7. Adding SEO tags and descriptions in the article

Adding a new News item

Exercise 2

You will now add a new article similar to what was show in the video. The document with the content is here. Use any featured image either from your computer or the existing media library on the website. The article must have the following:

  1. A title
  2. At least one new category
  3. Featured image
  4. Heading tags inside the article
  5. An image in the content of the article
  6. SEO Title and Description

WooCommerce Walkthrough

What is the

WooCommerce is the most popular and trusted e-commerce platform for WP websites.

The Tennis 4 Kids website uses WooCommerce to create camps, programs etc and sell them online. In this section, we will do an overview of the WooCommerce settings to familiarise ourselves with all aspects of the e-commerce functionality.

After the overview, we will look at how T4K website uses WooCommerce to add programs. As an exercise at the end we will add a new event and add it to an existing page on the website.

WooCommerce Walkthrough

Points to note in this section:

  1. WooCommerce settings

T4K Events

The Camps

All T4K tennis camps and events are added as “Variable Products” (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/variable-product/) in the website.

The variable products have attributes associated with them that allow you to manage pricing and availability separately for each camp or age group. In this section, we will do a quick overview of variable products in WooCommerce.

Simple Products

Variable Products

Updating an existing Tennis Camp

Adding a new camp
in the T4K Website

Homepage banner

Slider Revolution

The homepage banner is built using a plugin called Revolution Slider or Slider Revolution. It is an excellent way of adding rotating images with layers of text to create banners. In this section, we will see how to edit an existing slider to edit the homepage.

Editing the homepage slider

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