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Recently I have been thinking about working with businesses around Ireland helping them create a website worthy of carrying their business name in the top left corner and I have seen a lot of blogs and articles on what to do, how to do and even blogs on technical setups, technical pitfalls and design guidelines but I have not seen many blogs that tell you what to avoid and what traps not to fall into so I am working on this series of blogs – What not to do? The first topic in this series is What not to with WordPress? because I am a WordPress expert so it is an easy starting point!



As I mentioned in my previous blog about What not to do with WordPress?


Stages of website development

The stages of website development are different for different types of client and as a service provider you will encounter all different types of requests for website development. Some example are:

  • I dont know what I want but I really want to sell more of my artwork
  • I have a website already and I just want to tweak some sections of it to make it more effective
  • I need help with engaging more customers

There are many other requests but essentially they all boil down to helping your customer engage their end customer in some way shape of form.

Personally I think that the best way for us as a valued service provider to connect with our client is to meet with them and talk to them about their business and the business needs. A lot of people will want to communicate via email or phone and the transactional business is great but, especially for new clients, we should endeavour to meet with them. So don’t try to do business via impersonal means like email or phone!

You will truly create value for your customer by advising them of what they need to engage with their customers.

Don’t be a Maverick

During a conversation with a prospective client, they mentioned that they wished they could design and develop their website themselves because the last provider didn’t meet or talk with them but instead went ahead and completed a website for their business. When it comes to websites, one size doesn’t fit all so don’t be a maverick and provide something that your client doesn’t need or want at all.


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