Social Media Networking and the Future of Business

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Why social media networking and the future of business go hand in hand?

In my opinion social media pages are not isolated resources, They should be used in a way that maximises a business’ reputation as the expert in its field and to drive traffic to the business website. The conversion rate can be kept high by keeping the quality of the engagement high with your customer. This process will lead to higher revenues if the customers are looked after.

When a customer walks into your store, the look and feel of the store matters as people form opinions at first glances – first impressions are lasting ones so you put a lot of time and effort into planning your store front. After the first impression comes the engagement with the customer – if you make your customer feel welcome in your store, you are increasing your chances of getting some of the money that the customer will be spending.

In the early days of e-commerce businesses differentiated themselves by providing excellent customer interaction in their stores over the virtual shops. Now social media is here with the answers – social media allows businesses to engage with its customers on the internet. It allows you to “date” your customers.
Not too different from meeting someone at a party Рmake a good first impression and get a first date. Use the first date to impress a bit more and get a second date and so on. The social media  is like a giant virtual party where you attract customers and get a date ie bring them to your site and then a second date which is a query for your business and then a relationship Рie continued business.

Continued business is the Holy Grail of business because the customer loyalty has to be earned – it is not a birthright of any business. The buildup of the “emotional bank account” with your customer starts with your social media interactions with your customers.

Whether we like it or not, love it or hate it – social media networking is here to stay and people are using it more and more.

Make your social media content count and the customers will keep coming back – screw it up and customers will go elsewhere Simple isnt it?

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