The Starter


Are you a self-starter motivated individual looking for a business website that will not be a financial burden for you fledgeling business? Simply fill out all the details for your website and buy now.

We have a very simple 3 step process for a starter website.

  1. Select and upload all the information for your website including domain name, logo and content documents
  2. Select the look for your website
  3. Pay

Once we confirm the payment, we will purchase the domain name and setup the website for you. The whole process takes less than a week and you have a fully functioning website

Website Security & Privacy Audit


If your website security has been compromised, it can affect the value of your brand if it has been compromised. We can help you understand:

  • if you have are vulnerable?
  • what you need to do to improve your security?
  • what steps you need to take to continue being protected.

WordPress Hosting


Fully managed WordPress hosting including multiple benefits such as:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Free SSL cert from Let’s Encrypt
  • FREE secure monthly backups
  • Quarterly WordPress/Plugin/Theme updates
  • Hassle-free automatic annual subscription for 5 years

All prices quoted are exclusive of 23% VAT (VAT will be added at checkout)

NOW, you have options to pick from.

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