Move from UA to GA4 – Late Runners


We have a very simple plan to help you move from UA -> GA. We will take care of the logistics of the move and help you replicate the events on your new GA4-enabled site. As a part of this package, we will provide the following:

  1. Setup a GA4 property for your website
  2. Setup a Google Tag manager container for your website (read more on why you should use Tag Manager)
  3. Migrate your goals from UA to GA4
  4. Setup 2 KPIs from a choice of Form fills, Calls to action clicks, scroll depth, YouTube video play and stats tracking
  5. Create a reporting dashboard for your GA4 to show KPIs and major indicators of traffic to your site
  6. Test the integration

Move from UA to GA4 - Late Runners is not available this month.



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