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Nadia Aari of CR Payroll Solutions, approached Xava with challenges with adding new content to the company website. As the Marketing lead in CR Payroll, Nadia is responsible for running content bases marketing campaigns and was having to create landing pages within their CRM system which was adding to day-to-day running costs of her campaign. She really wanted to be able to create landing pages within the company website and reduce the subscription plan with their CRM provider.

We recommended taking over the website with a view to adjusting the existing WordPress theme (built with ACF plugin) so that Nadia could add new pages easily without having to get developers involved every single time. While their existing theme was well compiled and completely fit for purpose, it was fast becoming inadequate as the business and its needs grew.

We completed the following tasks for CR Payroll Solutions:

  1. Create a dedicated services area in the WordPress dashboard for easy management of services.
  2. Created an archive and single services display using Elelmentor as that was the page builder of choice for Nadia.
  3. Created updated headers and footers.

We completed these activities by reusing and repurposing the ACF blocks designed for CR Payroll Solutions thereby reducing the overall cost of the development process.

What they said about Xava

  • We engaged with Amit and the team at Xava as we were facing significant challenges with our website due to its highly customised theme, which made making simple updates very difficult. The original design and navigation of our website was very unclear and provided a poor experience for users. Amit took the time to understand the challenges faced by the marketing team, recognising their implications for the business as a whole. He then met with the wider team to explain why these issues were problematic, and provided a clear understanding of their implications. His straightforward approach helped everyone to understand the situation more clearly. With Amit's expertise, we were able to tackle these challenges effectively. He employed practical solutions to improve the functionality of the site, even for minor adjustments. As a result, our website is now more user-friendly and much easier to manage in-house. Amit's professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail have exceeded our expectations. The website now not only addresses previous challenges but also positions us for future success. I would highly recommend Amit and the team at Xava!

    Nadia Aari CR Payroll Solutions
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