The website is built using the Jupiter-X theme. The theme uses Elementor Page Builder plugin to create page layouts.

In addition to this, WooCommerce is the primary shopping cart software on the website. The training videos are setup in 2 sections: Editing site content using Elementor and WooCommerce Walk Throughs.

Editing page content using elementor

Elementor Overview:

The goal of this video is to familiarise you with:

  • Use the Elementor Editor interface to design your website
  • Get familiar with the basic page structure
  • Navigate the Elementor panels to manage your site’s settings

Elementor divides your pages into sections and columns, to understand the basics of sections and columns,

Sections and Columns – Part 1

Sections and Columns – Part 2

Sections and Columns – Part 3

Elementor Text Elements

Elementor uses text blocks to allow you to enter website content. You can edit all aspects of the text from within this block. This video showcases all the options for the text block.


WooCommerce is the most popular shopping cart software for WordPress and is used to power e-commerce sites all across the internet. The WooCommerce videos will take you through the pages, settings and product sections of the plugin.

WooCommerce Settings – General

WooCommerce provides the shop owners with multiple settings to manage all aspects of the online sale. However, as your store is only setup to create quotes instead of sales, we have removed the settings walkthroughs for the checkout, shipping, payments and taxes.

WooCommerce Product Settings

WooCommerce allows for settings such as product images to be controlled from a central location. However, these have been setup to conform with the designs provided by Cube Design. We would recommend that these not be changed as any changes will upset the balance of the template that have been custom coded to display all products to the site viewers.

Furthermore, there is a lot of custom jQuery code to control the finer aspects of the product display and are finely tuned to deliver the optimum performance. We recommend that any changes to design be channeled through the brand and web development teams.

WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce supports various different types of products, namely:

Simple and Variable

Simple products are singular products that don’t require to have different sizes or colours.

Variable Products are products that come in various different sizes and/ or colours. WooCommerce makes it easy for users to manage such products by grouping them by the parent product. The walkthrough will show you how to setup variable products properly.

Other support training material

The team behind Elementor and Jupiter have their own training channels on YouTube with multiple videos. These can be accessed at:

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