Dublin Web Summit Day 2 – Morning Session

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Speaker list at http://www.websummit.net/digital-stage-schedule/

Joanna Lord VP Growth Marketing at SEOMoz talked about delivering value from the Sales funnel

  • Businesses need evangelists
  • Today people are social consumers
  • Tackle the Why question – why did you start a business? Highlight that story so people can connect with you and buy into your philosophy straight away – trigger the emotional response.
  • It is important to thank people – personalise the thank you message – Form a connection with the consumer.
  • “We dont just want lead but loyalty and engagement with customers” @JoannaLord #websummit
Caroline Ghosn Founder & CEO of The Levo League talks about engagement
  • Content should create engagement encouraging people to take the online offline
  • Lets build offline communities to reinforce our online offerings
  • Great story about engagement from @carolineghosn on how she used TaskRabbit to comfort a friend across the US after a bereavement #websummit
  • Lets facilitate the offline reflections of our product on our teams internally, especially across engineering and business functions
Maya Baratz, Senior Product Manager at ABC News talks about outsourcing everything to technology – quiet an engageing talk from her. It was all about how pervasive technology has become in our lives.
  • Phone numbers to our phones, Twitter for thoughts, Facebook for everything, Instagram for pictures
  • We relied on our parents for information in the absence of technology
  • How else will our memory be outsourced in the future that we cant even imagine today? @mbaratz #websummit
Bas Van Den Beld, Founder & Chief Editor of State of Search
  • Trained history teacher turned marketeer
  • His lecturer told him not to believe anything that was taught during the 4 year degree program
  • History is told differently depending on where you are
  • “We rely on people to help us make our choices + social media encourages that sharing of opinion” @basvandenbeld #websummit
  • Google uses G+ to influence search results based on people and connections in your G+ account (Every gmail user is a G+ user)
Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite
  • How indirect apps like Hootsuite affect social media interactions
Thoughts from Xava
  • Seems to me that the direction of modern business is in engagement, micro-conversions and appealing to peoples emotions-so nothings changed really but the #socialmedia enables engagement and we want to use it.
  • Have you ever been worried that ur computer is going to die and you will lose your memories-Summary of @mbaratz at#digital stage #websummit


Topics for discussion

  • Is offloading your memories to technology and trusting it remember things for you – Good or bad? #websummit@mbaratz
  • Do you rely on recommendation sites for your choices? Which opinions carry weight for you? Your friends or random strangers?
  • What do you think of this article? ow.ly/ezrEY #digital#websummit
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