Dublin Web Summit Day 2 – Mid-Morning Session

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Speaker list at http://www.websummit.net/digital-stage-schedule/

Speakers thoughts

Sarah Wood, Co-founder & COO of Unruly Media

  • “The New media strategy represented a brave move for us and was a resounding success. Not only did we capture the imagination of the nation but we also delivered for the business” – Lysa Hardy T-Mobile UK
  • “Embrace teh  oppahtunity” – Social media presents an opportunity to engage with people
  • Advocacy, Attention, Awareness and Action are the 4 pillars of the social media video campaigns – @sarahfwood #websummit
  • “Fish fur ideahs” Look for creativity but not without a meaning @sarahfwood #websummit
  • Initiate emotional response to create engagement with your readers/viewers – inspire a physiological reaction from people
  • 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations, 109% uplift in intent to purchase + 57% uplift in brand favourability @sarahfwood #websummit

Rachel Tipograph, Director, Global Digital & Social Media at Gap Inc. (Coolest name ever)

Kathryn Parsons, Co-founder of Decoded

  • Company came about over a few drinks talking about code – we have all been there but a company WOW!! @KathrynParsons #websummit

  • Coming up with a killer methodology to publishing great killer content
  • Turning corporate training on its head – making it fun and educational in the true sense

Jan Rezab, CEO of SocialBakers

  • 400,000 marketeers with a 1000 paid members around the world use SocialBakers
  • Development cycle = 50% customer requests and 50% internal roadmap
  • The Average Facebook user in Europe likes 53 Facebook pages @janrezab #websummit
  • @janrezab to entreprenuers-Listen to your customers and have a strong freemium model #websummit
  • @janrezab to marketeers-Social is abt all metrics,monitor & benchmark, 50% of social questions are responded to –#websummit

Cindy Gallop, Founder of Make Love Not Porn & IfWeRanTheWorld

  • Tackling the complete absence of healthy conversation around sex and porn
  • “Pro-sex pro-porn pro-reality” @cindygallop #websummit
  • “I want to socialise sex and socially sharable like anything else we share” @cindygallop #websummit
  • @cindygallop “Women are different from men-we think differently” #websummit
  • “Amazing things happen when tech startups have a 50-50 split between the sexes in business” #websummit

Omid Ashtari, Director of Business Development at Foursquare

Apologies for a lack of updates for Omid’s talk but it was a bit of product placement rather than an informational talk about the service:(

  • “4square helps you make the most of where you are” @omid #websummit

Eray Basar of 9Elements took to the stage catching me by surprise

Short summary – 9Elements creates a visual representation of how content is shared through img.ly an image sharing service, Check out http://nine2011.9elements.com/#!/project/c5



Xava Thoughts

  • Content that creates emotional response from people and see the traffic rise – Summary from @sarahfwood #websummit
  • Social Media Measurement – the future of analytics #websummit
  • Did you watch Felix Baumgartner skydive hoping something would go wrong? @janrezab #websummit
  • Summary from #digital stage social media works like human society-word of mouth, engagement & content matter-its just all online #websummit
  • Makelovenotporn has a category dedicated to sexual bedroom(or kitchen if you are so pleased) bloopers#websummit
  • There is money to be made in sex – D’UH!! Probably Homer Simpson knows that too #websummit
  • How socialising porn led to reinventing money!! Some link cos of mainstream companies refusing to work with the sex industry #websummit
  • @cindygallop wants to blow the biases attached to the sex industry to smithereens and not compromise the name or identity of her venture.
  • 4square allows micro-reviews – again allowing u 2 engage with strangers but in a way that wasnt possible without#socialmedia #websummit
  • Some people need to stop using the stage to plug products and new services – I am here to listen to stories of why or how things are done and not to listen to a feature list that I can read about on the web anyway – thats what the old WWW is all about!


Discussion Topics

  • Everyone heard of tennis elbow right? How about Twitter shoulder though #websummit @aoiferigney
  • How do you use Social Media?
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