Dublin Web Summit – Day 1 Morning Update

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So Xava has a front row seat at the Dublin Web Summit and tweeting live Updates – Follow us:)

The summary of the morning session so far

  • Social Media marketing is here to stay and more and more people are talking about it.
  • Mobile Marketing is important and companies can not afford to ignore it.

Some of the quotes


Xava Summary

  1. Digital media marketing includes all avenues like Facebook, Twitter etc. Companies should take it seriously and invest in it. If you are not investing in keeping up to date with technologies then someone else will do it for you and it will be digital.
  2. Mobile media is taking off at an increasing pace because the technology is pervasive especially in the growing economies of the world. You cant afford to ignore it.
  3. Social media is an environment that exploits peoples desire to talk – consumers want to engage and give feedback and be heard.
  4. Social Media makes customer interactions transparent to the world allowing for brand building
  5. CAUTION – Control your investments in the social media area to keep it relevant, fresh and engaging and dont ignore negative comments – instead use them to improve your customer interactions and build evangelists out of consumers for your business.
  6. EXPLOIT Analytics from your website to improve your online content and target customers even more.

I would like to say more but the next speaker is on and I need to pay attention but follow XavaIreland for live updates.

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