Dublin Web Summit – Day 1 Mid-Morning Updates

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OK so the talks quotes and facts are flying in and the priority is to feed the body and mind so this update is more a list of quotes and random thoughts but I will write m ore detailed report after the event on the goings on at the Digital Stage at the Dublin Web Summit ( #websummit)

Quotes from the mid-morning session at the Dublin Web Summit


  1. Shortest & best SEO advice “Great SEO is not about search engines-is about solving for humans” @dharmesh #websummit
  2. “Focus on results not ranking” @dharmesh #websummit
  3. “People like giving suggestions so use their voice to improve products” XavaIreland
  4. Analytics helps you understand your customers’ needs – LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN #websummit Stephen O’Leary, O’Leary Analytics Summary #websummit
  5. TO use Henry Ford, people want faster horses-trick is to visualise the mechanical horse(car) they really want Stephen O’Leary, O’Leary Analytics #websummit
  6. 15% of searches are on mobile with a growth rate of 181% YoY – Jon Myers, Commercial Director at Marin Software#websummit
  • Mobile searches are overtaking the desktop markets for traffic
  • 181% growth rate in this sphere
  • CPC rates are low due to low uptake so the potential to reach people is high
  • Integrated GPS allows for much better targeting for businesses
  • Bipper-good product but what does it say about our world if women need this protection?We should make this world a better place.#websummit
The mid-morning session concentrated on the fast growing mobile marketing sector and how it is important for companies to ignore as there is huge potential in this area. The universally held belief is that the mobile sector is highest growth area and that is easy to target with geographical tagging, targetting ads by behaviour thorugh a raft of analytics tools. Of course all this relies on the pervasive nature of mobile technology that is allowing customers to get ever closer to companies.
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