Do’s and Dont’s for Your Facebook Business Page

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You are ready to use Facebook for your business but no one ever told you what you should or should not do so here is a handy Do’s Dont’s for Your Facebook Business Page.

In all your Facebook (or any other social media like Twitter) activities you have to remember that these channels are just a way of driving traffic to your website because that is an important parameter in determining your search engine rankings. So it is vital that you keep a close eye on your social media activities to make the best possible use of the digital channels.


  • Do Share – Use Facebook to share interesting stuff with your followers and customers alike. If you use Facebook to propagate good content that enriches peoples lives in some way, your followers will talk about your business to other people and you will have fulfilled your mission.
  • Do Ask – You would like to collect people’s opinions on something that you would like to do, Facebook is perfect for asking people for their opinions. Remember that Facebook is essentially one global conversation with many different groups & topics so people like to give their opinion – you just have to ask and then listen.
  • Do Engage – People love the feeling when they something from anyone. So leave people with a thought, a smile or an engagement and you have won a follower for life. Now all you have to do is to maintain that giving spirit.
  • Do Educate – You have a lot of knowledge about your product and service but for obvious reasons you can not give everything away. However, in the information age, identify what you can afford to give away for free without harming your business and then use Facebook to spread the knowledge. Tips, tricks, How To Guides are like a shining beacon for attracting followers because they constantly get value from visiting your website or Facebook page.

  • Don’t Share for the Sake of it – No one likes it when their Facebook timelines are flooded with pointless sharing of content. For example, if as an SEO expert, Xava started sharing Bullion prices and the prices of groceries, our followers would be turned off. They will mark Xava Ireland as a frivolous waste of their time and un-Like it. Then our business has lost a follower. However, by posting great content like this handy do’s and don’t guide will keep them interested:)
  • Don’t Share Babble – People look at Facebook in their spare time so keep your content short, sweet, simple and to the point. The beauty of your content lies in its simplicity and brevity – keep this in mind and you will prosper on the internet.
  • Don’t Over-Advertise – Facebook is one gigantic online conversation group divided into many different sub groups and some of those cater for blatant advertising. Most of the conversations including the ones on your business pages are about winning influencers for your business and over-advertising will lose you those vital influencers. Also, it is important to remember that all your online activities are one giant advertisement for your business so their is no need for blatant in your face advertising on your business pages. People already follow you and know some things about you – give them more don’t drive them away.
  • Don’t Make Errors – People make a connection between the quality of your online content and your persona in real life. So please please make sure that your online content is error free. Spell checks are embedded in all modern web browsers and please use them liberally so people trust the quality of your content on all levels.
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