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At Xava we are continuously listening to our customers to create services and products that help businesses increase their sales and expand their reach. So we are delighted to announce our innovative DIY SEO Masterclasses.

SEO is the best way of making your business website to as many people all over the world as possible through legitimate techniques that make your content rank higher in the Search Engine Ranking Pages or SERPs. The ultimate goal is to appear on Page 1 and the stratosphere of the SERPs in searches carried out by both prospective and existing customers.

Our DIY SEO masterclass will help you understand the world of Search Engine Optimisation so you can be in charge of your own business destiny. The masterclass covers the following areas:

Understanding you and your business

Through probing open ended questions such as:

  • What is the main service/product you want to promote/sell from your site?
  • Who is your target customer? Where are these customers located?
  • Who are your major competitors?
  • What is the best way to describe your customers’ decision making process? Is your product an impulse buy? Is it a necessity?
  • How do your customers currently find out about you?
  • How would a customer describe your product/service?

These questions are designed to help us understand you and your business and without this knowledge, I can not help you reach your customers. It is the starting point of any SEO efforts.

On Site Optimisation

We will go through the content on your site and help you understand how to optimise each and every aspect of your site and help you create context for your content. We will go through the images and links and sitemaps on your website to help you create a properly navigable site with highly optimised content that engages your customers.

Off Site Optimisation

We will go through simple link building strategies allowing you to build links back to your website allowing you to reach the largest audience possible. Here we will cover areas including your social media profiles, directory listings and blogging strategies.

Introduction to management tools

You have a Facebook profile, Twitter profile and a Google Plus business page but the burden of posting to all the channels is a lot of work – well we will get you using simple, free and easy to use tools that will add joy to your social media activity again and allow you to automate your posts across multiple platforms.

Understanding your analytics

You have google analytics installed on your site but you dont know how or where to find the relevant information – we will simplify the process for you from helping you create effective campaigns and links that you can track to helping you understand the best times to contact your audience. By fully understanding your analytics, you will be able to add an edge to your social media activity that will cut through and reach your customers.

Continuous improvement

We will continuously monitor the effects of your SEO activities to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your time and effort.


The workshops are 2-hours long and cost €150 and we recommend a course of 6 sessions for you to completely grasp the concepts included in the workshops. So there is no monthly commitment and you pay as you go allowing you to manage the spending in your business. Contact us at now.




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